An exerpt from the readme.txt in the archive:

java -jar rasterizer.jar [-p pages] [-l] [-s papersize] [-d dotsize] [-h] [-v] inputfile [outputfile]

    -p : Number of horizontal pages (vertical will be chosen according to aspect ratio of source image)
    -l : Use Pages in Landscape
    -s : Paper Size. Allowed Values: A4, A3, LETTER, LEGAL. Default is A4.
    -c : Experimental color mode (the rasterbator approach). will change dramaticly.
    -m : Print Cropmarks intelligently. use -mall for forced cropmarks
    -d : Rasterdot size. Specified in pt (72pt make one inch). Default is 10 pt per dot.
    -h : The stuff you are reading right now. No Action.
    -v : Verbose output

inputfile  : Input file (.jpeg, .gif, .png)
outputfile : Output file (.pdf) defaults to out.pdf. '.pdf' is added if filename doesn't end on .pdf

Remark on cropmarks: Using only -m Rasterizer will only print “inside” cropmarks, to help aligning the pages. If using -mall (m all), Rasterizer will print all cropmarks (good if you want to cut it totally border free after printing. The cropmarks are printed “inside” the page margins to be able to print marks even on the outer borders (to make sure you have two cropmarks all the time to align your ruler.

Remark on Color support: Currently I’m using the rasterbator approach. The dots are printed with the corresponding rgb color, but the dot size is nevertheless calculated from the gray scale value which means that light colors will appear much lighter than they should, since both parameters (dot size AND dot brightness (expressed by the color) will vary. I will try to find an approach to eliminate the brightness effect on the color (printing all dots in the same size will probably ruin the effect), but that won’t be easy. Then again, this would really set me apart from the rasterbator for the first time… :)


java -jar rasterizer.jar -p 4 -l -s A3 -d 20 -v schafbild.jpg schafbild.pdf

will generate 4xn pages (n depending on the height of the source image) on A3 paper in landscape mode. The raster dots will be printed with a 20pt raster.

All actions will be commented in verbose output. The source image is schafbild.jpg, schafbild.pdf will be the resulting pdf file.

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